Journey of Paragrafic began in 1993 with the concept to offer a complete support to brands.

For few initial years, our focus was mostly on industrial brands such as ovens, powder coating & painting equipments, automatic and semi automatic turn key plants, industrial buzzers, valves for chemical and pharama industry and so on. The experience was great. We helped these brands to grow in domestic as well as international markets. We did series of ad campaigns, direct mailers to bring them on favorability list or overcome negative perceptions and we did exhibitions. It was a great fun working and learning with these brands.

As we were designing for industrial brands, we kept on trying to penetrate into more challenging FMCG Companies. In 1997, we got our first chance to work with few packaged food companies. We started with designing of packaging for companies such as SM Foods and General Mills (I) Pvt. Ltd. This followed by many FMCG and consumer companies entrusted us for their ATL and BTL requirements. In the new millennium we also started working for few of the companies from UAE for their packaging needs.

Over a period of 14 years we worked for many popular brands like Pillsbury Atta, Pillsbury Semiya, Peppy, Picnic, Safari Bullets, Foodlands and Foodbazar along with innumerable industrial products.

Now, with our extended team and versatile experience in advertising, we are very much geared to cater to any requirement that our clients require for brand promotion. Our enthusiasm and ability to work hard have always fetched results for clients in past and we assure will continue to do so in future also.


Paragrapfics Advertising  
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